Jesus is knocking…

   Technology is amazing today.  We can see who is at our door, whether we are at home or miles and miles away.  But there is one who stands at our door and knocks that we do not want to disregard.  Jesus in Revelation 3 said “I stand at the door and knock, whoever hears my voice and opens the door, I will come and eat with him and him with me.”

In the chaos of our world it can sometimes be easy for Christians to forget that Jesus is there at our door, seeking entrance into our lives on a daily basis.  His knocking and his voice can be drowned out by the sounds the world around us if we are not careful. 

  • We can hear Jesus knocking when we spend quiet moments in prayer, listening not simply talking to God. 
  • We can hear Jesus knocking when our spiritual ears are opened as we read His Word.
  • We can hear Jesus knocking when have times of worship around His throne.  

Jesus stands at our door knocking, will we let him each day?  He desires a relationship and rich fellowship with us.  But He does not barge in or come in unannounced.  He knocks and we open the door.  Today Christians, will you take some quiet moments and listen for the voice of Christ?  Will you let him into every part of your life?