The Price is Right

Growing up, I heard that theme music almost daily at 11 AM  when there was no school.

I always wanted to be on the Price is Right.  I had dreams of getting into the Showcase showdown.

There’s just something about that phrase…The Price is Right.

It got me thinking about our wonderful God and the price he was willing to pay so that you and I could have life. 

He didn’t have to pay anything- he could have let us get what we deserved:

His wrath, judgment, and an eternity in hell.

But because of his great love, God was willing to pay the ultimate price- His Son.

Jesus came for that price- To give his life as a ransom for many. 


How about the price for you and I? Is the price right? What would you be willing to give for an eternity with Jesus. 

Don’t misunderstand me- salvation is a free gift of God.  It costs us nothing.  It’s called grace. 

But taking that grace and following Jesus will cost us.  Jesus said clearly- if you want to be my disciple, deny yourself, take up your cross daily, and follow me.

Is the price right?

Are you and I willing to give up ourselves to let God reign in our lives?

For most people- the price is wrong.  Either they don’t understand what it cost Jesus for us, they don’t understand what it will cost you and I to live for him, or they are simply unwilling to pay the price.

Jesus encountered many people who were like that…

            Jesus let me go say goodbye to my family, I will join you soon

            Jesus let me go bury my father, I will follow you later

Jesus let me take care of some things in my life, I will follow you after.

Excuse after excuse for not having to pay the price.

The rich young ruler was told to go sell everything and follow Jesus- the scripture simply says…he went away….sad.

But you know what? When the price is right we gain more than we could ever imagine. When we are willing to pay the price to follow Jesus, we will be overwhelmingly blessed. 

Much more than a set of steak knives, a lazy boy recliner, a new car, or even an entire showcase.

We get the holy spirit in our lives, we get peace from God.  We get a new family of believers to help us in our life.  Our name is written in the book of life. 

So remember you are valuable to God, you were bought with a price and you are amazingly loved.

May you and I one day hear those words…..Come on up, the price is right and it has been paid in full.